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"Rain, rain go away" - and it did!

The weather tried to stop us dancing in Welwyn but we managed to scare it off. We achieved a much better turnout of dancers than originally expected despite having to switch to a Monday in order to join St Albans and Etcetera Morris Men for the evening.

First port of call was at The Steamer and then it was off down the road to The White Horse where a quick survey of the patio furniture revealed that it was bolted down so we danced on the grass instead. The St Albans men had been a bit less fortunate with their turnout and, in addition to performing dances jointly with Etcetera, demonstrated some 6-man dances that they had neatly adapted for three.

There was a good-sized audience though and a number of them were asking to have a go so, after a quick lesson we did Bromsberrow, we did a mass dance in the rapidly fading light and just before the raindrops eventually started to fall.

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