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It is with a degree of sadness and solid reflection however that as of 2024 Standon Morris are officially calling it a day and winding down. This decision was reached unanimously at our most recent AGM in September of last year following many years of struggle to recruit new dancers from the local area, despite repeated campaigns.

We are now in the process of creating a consolidated archive which will hold photos, videos, newspaper cuttings and other bits and pieces from over the years. Select media from our archive will be posted to this page, so it will not lay abandoned. We warmly welcome any media, footage, information, anecdotes or tales of the side that former members or followers are happy to share.

We thank you for watching us perform over the decades both as Standon Morris Men and later as Standon Morris. We wish all the other Morris sides and organizations both in the UK and beyond nothing but the very best going forward.

Standon Morris

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