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Dancing at dawn - minus one!?!

Slight hiccup for the official start to Catherine's second season when she realised she had forgotten the freshly-printed programmes as she headed out of Ware and decided to nip back to the house to get them but this resulted in spending the official sunrise time of 5:28 on the A10 bypass - oops!

Adrian H was somewhat miffed to see an inconsiderate female driver driving past them as they finished their first spot by the Puddingstone (with Adrian J dispensing with his melodeon to make up the six), only to then realise that it was in fact the side's tardy bagman (he was partly thrown by the fact, unbeknown to him, she had gone from a long ponytail to a pixie cut the day before).

She quickly got into line for the processional to The Star and then it was business as usual with a selection of dances outside the pub and down by the phonebox where two of our audience members did a wonderful job of mucking in and joining us with the traditional last dance of Bonny Green Garters.

The exertions of the morning worked up an appetite so it was then into The Star for a splendid breakfast and pint from Jeff and Jo.

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