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Merriment all round at The Rose & Crown

Had a super Wednesday night in Bentfield Green as guests of Thaxted Morris Men. A very warm welcome from the landlord and landlady, with absolutely delicious sandwiches later in the evening, make it a strong candidate for the Standon Morris 2016 summer programme :-D

Thaxted had the luxury of two sets to start the dancing off for the evening, whilst we were one man short, so we decided they should do two dances for everyone of ours! It was a more improvised programme from Standon including a 4-man Shooting, 3-man Nutting Girl and Lewis performing Go Enlist a Sailor, one of his solo jigs.

After Bonny Green it was into the busy pub to find elbow-room for the melodeon players ready for a jam-session and various songs from both sides whilst consuming sarnies and chips. John gave us his rendition of Down at The Old Bull and Bush and Catherine took a deep breath and embarked on her first ever folk-singing solo with a not-too-fluffed performance of Nottingham Ale. Her confidence was a bit knocked when her brain, in a moment of panic, picked a starting note that was too high!?!

The final highlight of the evening was Chris and Catherine, the two bagmen, dancing a polka round the bar!!

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