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And we're off!

No false start to make us sit indoors and escape the rain this week as the bright, dry weather, and a two-pub setup meant that plenty of dancing was to be done at our joint danceout as guests of Letchworth Morris Men.

First port of call was The Crown in Buntingford with a decent number of people to watch us do a variety of dances including a double set performance of Jockey to the Fair (Brackley).

There was an extremely rare moment when Lewis missed his cue for a corner crossover as he was momentarily distracted by......a sports car whizzing past on the main road!

Then we were off to the picturesque village of Westmill for a warm welcome at The Sword Inn Hand where we danced well into the dusk and proceeded indoors for a superb jam session from Martin, Theo, Dave and Neil.

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